The Simpsons - Homer as Mr. Burns' assistant

Best of The Simpsons (part 3)

Best of The Simpsons, part 3. Top 10 episodes: Homer as Mr. Burns’ assistant, Crayon in Homer’s brain, Bart skateboarding, Homer Drunk Dancing, Moe’s face on Duff calendar, Creation of the Flaming Homer, Fat Tony and Chief Wiggum, How to make the Forget-Me-Shot, Santa’s Little Helper’s night, Use a pen, Sideshow Bob and so much more…

The Simpsons – Homer as Mr. Burns’ assistant

Definitely one of my favorite scenes

The Simpsons – Crayon in Homer’s brain

It could vastly increase your brain power. Or it could possibly kill you.

The Simpsons – Bart skateboarding

Bart going down a hill and showing us the definition of irony

The Simpsons – Homer Drunk Dancing

I’m not done talking to me!

The Simpsons – Moe’s face on Duff calendar

It’s all relative

The Simpsons – Creation of the Flaming Homer

Or the Flaming Moe…I suppose haha. Classic episode!

The Simpsons – Fat Tony and Chief Wiggum

And an episode of Itchy & Scratchy!

The Simpsons – How to make the Forget-Me-Shot

Courtesy of the brilliant bartender Moe Szyslak and the venom of the Louisiana Loboto-Moth

The Simpsons – Santa’s Little Helper’s night

Santa’s Little Helper goes for his last night on the town

The Simpsons – Use a pen, Sideshow Bob

Haha great scene!