The Simpsons - Kitchen Carnival

Best of The Simpsons (part 2)

Best of The Simpsons, part 2. Top 10 episodes: Kitchen Carnival, The Springfield Swap Meet, Bart’s body image, Young Homer and his dog, Mr. Burns’ lawyers, Mr. Burns and the Japanese full scene, Cat Math, Homer calls Japan, Ralph beat the smart kids, You’re Hired and so much more…

The Simpsons – Kitchen Carnival

85 pounds of tooth melting sugar!

The Simpsons – The Springfield Swap Meet

The Springfield Swap Meet, opened by Mayor Joe Quimby! Skinner gets reunited with an old friend

The Simpsons – Bart’s body image

He’s comfortable with who he is

The Simpsons – Young Homer and his dog

This story fills in a lot of gaps!

The Simpsons – Mr. Burns’ lawyers

Mr. Burns and how he feels about his lawyers

The Simpsons – Mr. Burns and the Japanese full scene

Bosh! Flimshaw!

The Simpsons – Cat Math

Celebration’s over boys

The Simpsons – Homer calls Japan

Homer is getting to the bottom of this Mr. Sparkle mystery

The Simpsons – Ralph beat the smart kids

Good for Ralph. And good for his cat.

The Simpsons – You’re Hired

A funny clip from one of the more disliked episodes, Kill the Alligator and Run